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  • Kelsey Shaw

live wild;


Every friend i have brings a little something out of me that i hold within. & each friend a little different. Some bring out the conversation in me, some bring out hyper activity, those who bring out my humor, & the friend that brings out a care free me. Of all these, care free is one to be treasured. I look forward to the person that can unlock the child in me that has been shoved aside when adulting wakes me up in the morning with an alarm clock and a cup of coffee. (lets be honest, coffee very well could be the friend that brings on the hyper activity. heh heh.)

I am very fond of my childhood. The freedom to roam, to imagine, to move with the wind, and all without a worry.

So to have a friend that can welcome my inner child with their presence, is a friend forever.

Those free spirited people i have come across in my life, have never tried to obtain this lifestyle, they just naturally exude it. & in all its natural form, if it finds you too, you are sure to be wisped away into an adulting-free day. heck yea.

This free spirit fun is never forced upon you, & you're never cornered into a situation. This type of friend, you can be with and immediately forget that the "freedom" of 18 quickly turned into your twenties, hardworking & stuck in a routine. All of a sudden you are more likely to say yes rather than no. At the end of the day your muscles are sore, not from the usual hard work, but from laughing. You sigh, because you can feel the difference between what the day brought, & what daily life usually brings. You take off your adventure hat and smile, because you know this was one for the books. You say goodnight to the child in you, & those sore muscles sink you heavily in bed for a refreshing sleep before the adult you wakes.

So friend, heres to you, & your wild nature. To being spontaneous, full of laughter, & going wherever the wind blows you.

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