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  • Kelsey Shaw

AJ & Rianna;

We have been blessed to call AJ & Rianna our friends for quite awhile now, and even more blessed to have had the honor of photographing their wedding. We waited a whole year for this day in anticipation, not only because we would see two of our great friends unite, but also because if you know Rianna, she has impeccable taste & i could only imagine the whimsy wedding we would be photographing.

& whimsy it was; With a woodsy setting, an autumn pallete, & a vintage inspired dress for her rustic affair, Rianna & her awesome friends & family delivered.

It was more than picture perfect. The words that were spoken were touching. & every special person in their life played a role in bringing it all together.

Guys, they even exited the ceremony to the Gilmore Girls theme song. So many perfect little details. So much sentiment.

Congratulations to Rianna & AJ becoming hubsie & wifey.

"so they are no longer two,

but one flesh.

Therefore what God has joined together,

let no one seperate."

P.S. during this season of life, we will not be booking/ photographing weddings.

*Click each photo to see full image*

The first look

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