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The Madson Family;

This family.

The love, the laughter.

The mom who wears many hats, carries herself gracefully, & radiates joy.

The dad who sacrifices time with family to serve our nation, loves them with everything he has, & is a super hero in the small eyes of two boys.

The boys' boys. The great outdoors in their little bones, the energy, the love, the laughter.

This. This is what we live to capture. To take these words, true to this family, and bring them to life through an image of their interactions.

On another note, if you did not know, SUNRISE IS ALWAYS MAGIC. Sunrise is our favorite time to shoot. It never disappoints & is always full of surprises. Honestly, every time we make it out for an early morning shoot, I kick myself for all of the sunrises I have slept through. What have I missed? The morning, before morning really happens (coffee, newspaper, chores...etc)...its magic. Whether the sun graces the earth, or fog settles, or dew drips.. I find that there is always something special happening at dawn that I wouldn't normally see any other time of the day.

So thank you, Madson family for waking up so early & bundling up to enjoy the beauty at sunrise with us.

This day, the lake was iced over (it was definitely freezing out), but the sun was golden. With this recipe, we had to ourselves a winter wonderland iced with gold. This lovely family enjoyed one of their last times at one of their favorite parks before moving across the states. Skipping rocks across the frozen lake, dancing around, hugging tight to keep warm, & being just the way they are together in their element.

What a wonderful day, what a wonderful memory, & wonderful experience to be able to join this family and follow them around with our cameras.

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