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Hazel & Olive

Ok ladies, I have to take a moment to give a little shout out to an amazing online boutique.

I love to recommend to our lady clients to wear a long flowy dress for their session (if they haven't already put together wardrobe & need a little inspo). So I'd like to shed a little light on one gem of a shop, when in the business of dress shopping.

I have been a fan girl of this sweet little boutique Hazel & Olive for some time now, & I must share.

I always find unique dresses here & the prices are extremely reasonable. The number one reason I really enjoy shopping here, is that the amazing owner Taylor and her family give back to awesome organizations with every single purchase! (If you follow on social media you can see updates on where these donations go & the difference they have made!)

One more plus, SAME DAY FREE SHIPPING. Whaaaat.

Below are two photo sessions where each gal is wearing a gown from Hazel & Olive. & you've got to see just how gorgeous these are. I must mention, as stunning as these particular dresses are, the neckline is also super helpful for nursing mommas! Win!

Take a look! :)

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