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There is something intriguing about a person that has traveled all over the place, wears many hats & has many talents. I could talk to them for lenghts of time. There is so much depth & so many stories to be told. Denae is one of these people. In the way she speaks and moves, in her charismatic way, you can feel this depth. It's almost as if all of these places she has traveled to, have begun to travel with her to the next and the next, & now reside within her. Adding so much more to the person she is. I hope you can feel her soul through these photos (especially the last collection), the way that I can.

Each peice of clothing she is wearing has been picked up in different visited places! Sunglasses from LA, dress from Copenhagen, Denmark, and head scarf from a vintage shop in Paris!

If anybody would like to hear her captivating voice, she has a gig at Rustica on July 8th from 7-9!

& if you'd like to read some of her words, check !

I wish you the best as you embark on your next journey!

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