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Christina & Josh

This has to be one of my favorite shoots ever. The fog, the gown, the love & laughter...our favorite recreational area..

These two adventurous love birds were just magic & this beautiful foggy morning made an appearance just for them. Christina & Josh wanted one year anniversary photos in their wedding attire.. & I'm like CAN YOU ALL DO THIS PLEASE. Because if this is what happens in your most sentimental dress pieces without all of the wedding day shenanigans, then everybody needs to do this. Just you and your boo, bring your gown and your best, your love & laughter & we'll follow you around as you celebrate your love.

This session also made us realize where our passion lies when it comes to weddings. We have found our hearts & creativity are in the most quiet and sacred moments. The bride & groom who want to tie the knot intimately somewhere in the outdoors with very few around. We are open to chatting about your future plans to find if we're a good fit for your day! Think mountain top & the surreal moment of you & your love saying "I Do".

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