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Island light studio!

Ahhh. I am so excited to say that we have the opportunity to work with Aly Willis Photography to occasionally rent her creative space as another way to accommodate our clients. To provide more for you!

This is mostly geared toward newborn sessions... those who feel that their home doesn't have enough natural light for their in-home lifestyle newborn session. Finally, we have an option for you. Island Light Studio in downtown Oak Harbor. A space to bring you naturally well-lit photos with a minimal white backdrop, cozy bed, and fun textures. Using the studio also allows access to the on-site client closet (think mamas and babies), as well as the use of our client closet too. Meaning double the options for you.

It gets better, Whidbey Island Bagel factory is right across the way with fresh bagels and coffee. So you can either treat yourself before, after or during like my boys did (all of thee above) while at the studio.

This could be a great option in the winter as well for snuggly couples, maternities, headshots (any time of year)...

Take a peek at my boys being goofballs and love doves and big-time snackers!

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