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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Rosario- grassy hillside with cliff-edge, water views. Jutting rocks, pines, and a beach below.

Dreamy sunset field- A 10-minute wooded walk to an open field where the sun sets behind the pines, a field to frolic in, and a large shade tree in the middle perfect for filtering light as well as a gorgeous backdrop.

Beachy grass- A walk past cranberry lake in the Deception Pass park, you will find a perfect location nestled between the sea and the lake. Beach grass and sand. A neutral pallet. Perfect for sunsets or clouds.

Field off-Island- This location is about 45 minutes but so worth it. It is so peaceful out here and a bit of an adventure! You have to cross a log over a creek to get to the spot we will be shooting! I have done it plenty times! This location offers so much depth, such a wide view of the sky, and it is just dreamy! One of my faves.

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