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sun & moon adventure

Originally Serina had booked a session for one of our Mt Baker mini days, which ultimately canceled due to snow and freezing temps. We were so bummed, and though out of my control, I felt so badly about it.

Thankfully, Serina has one of the sweetest hearts you will meet and reassured me that it was OK and a reschedule shoot at a closer-to-home location on a sunnier day would still be just as fantastic.

We had a little time to waste while waiting on the sun to get that gorgeous orange glow, so we set out on these field trails with Serina's family, and my little family in tow. My boy running into this gorgeous sky with her girls, and all the giggles.The grass taller than them, frogs croaking in the creek beds, and a little wooden bridge! How perfect for children? Even more beautiful to capture their lovely family in this setting with the sun showing off behind them and the moon to say goodnight. This couldn't have been a more perfect evening for their family shoot reschedule!

I think this was a fair trade.

One of the dreamiest sessions of 2019!

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