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Tilly Snuggles

Sometimes I take newborn baby photos! No, not tightly swaddled and perfectly posed in a basket. There are extremely talented photographers that do that kind that I can direct you to! But yes I will come to your home and just photograph those new, precious snuggles with baby.

Courtney is a mama that I admire. The way she loves on and cares for her kiddos is inspiring. Her home is comforting and dressed in her boys' artwork, adorning every wall. She has created a space for her family to truly live, create, learn, connect, be inspired, and love each other. She has a special family, and has a special heart for them. The kind of mama that sparks another mother's creativity in the mothering journey. So to be welcomed into her home and be a part of saving these early memories of Tilly, was truly a blessing. To sit through the quiet moments with Courtney and Tilly, the sweet connecting moments, the feedings. and to photograph them was pure new baby bliss . If these sweet ladies aren't already angels, their bedroom has these grand sun filled windows pouring light over everything, creating a heavenly scene. Of course she had a diffuser going too, so there's this light mist poofing and scenting the room with fresh breaths of air. It couldn't get better... And then her whole family is a dream! Handsome big brothers admiring their tiniest new sister. Every moment with this family was good for my soul. Thank you Tilly and fam, for allowing me to be hanging around snapping photos at such a precious time. Thank you. <3

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