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Hello! Excited for your session! I'm here to get you ready and comfortable to have a wonderful experience and make awesome photos! Our style of photo taking is more about connection, interaction, and cuddling- all with our help directing it. Rather than just "say cheese" kind of photos. I know everyone appreciates a good look-at-the-camera photo, (I do too!) and we do take those, but I assume you hired us because you were drawn to our style! So let me help you get more comfortable!

It is 100% OK and welcomed for you to look at and interact with each other (couples, family..). Even if it is awkward for you to look at each other and you break out in laughter because of it, GREAT! That is exactly what I want! Laughter and emotion. Interact with one another. Hug each other. Pull one you love in close. Tickle someone. Kiss someone on the head. Honestly, the more you interact with each other, the more fun you will have and the less you will notice that I am there!

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*Look at each other instead of the camera.

*Interact, be playful and cuddly.

*Fill in any gaps. Space between you looks like cold and uncomfortable body language. Closeness speaks love and connection.


*I will lightly pose you and direct you, however much or however little you may need. I will actually place your hands and arms myself if need be, or show you examples of what I mean!

*I will show you where to "fill in your gaps". The gaps are usually between each other's hips, and between your heads. I'll show ya where to squish close, or where to rest your heads on each other. especially when there is a height difference!

*I will prompt you with actions that bring natural reactions to follow!

Dads! This is so important! You can really make the whole session by leading your family with enthusiasm, and a great attitude! I know it is not always fun to have photos taken, but think of this more like an hour of family time where you can be silly with your kids and spend a little extra time loving on them. Honestly the more you are lovingly paying attention to your kiddos and not the camera, the less you will know I am there! 

Moms! Smile or laugh your way through everything! I mean it! Sometimes our kiddos don't want to cooperate and we have to redirect them right? But think about what your facial expression looks like when you are saying "no no no" or in the middle of redirecting! Haha! Even though parenting must go on during a session, smiling your way through it will  look more graceful for photos! Practice saying "no" or phrases you find yourself saying when redirecting, while smiling! 

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Don't you worry! I will be sure to get you looking at the camera as well if you appreciate those types of photos! I will direct you to still have closeness and even snuggling during these types of photos. It elevates the image to another level, rather than having stiffness in your photos! I am so ready to create with you! You are going to do amazing!

*If we are shooting at one of the state parks, remember to have a Discover Pass for parking! 

*Before we begin shooting, please remove phones/wallets/keys from pant pockets so they don't show.

*Families- if you think you will need to bring something to bribe your little ones along, please bring a non-messy, non-colored snackie item! I usually bring cheerios.

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