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Q: Who is going to be shooting my session, Willie or Kelsey??

A: Great question! Willie typically only shoots Video these days! Kelsey does the majority of the photography (family, maternity, couples..). Willie still does senior sessions, the male ones. Kelsey shoots the senior girl sessions! Willie still enjoys shooting couples and maternity occasionally, and is more likely to be the photographer if you are a friend of his and are expecting him haha! 

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: If you are bringing a dog and you have made that known to me, please bring someone along to care for your dog the whole session on site. That way you won't be looking after him the whole time while trying to make great photos happen! We will bring doggy into the session at the right time, and then it can go back to the hands of the caretaker you bring along. If I am being completely honest, I know nothing about dogs! haha! So let that be your deciding factor! 

Q: Can I bring props?

A: There are plenty of photographers out there that would be happy to have you bring props along- on the other hand, myself and props are not a good fit! I am here to capture the simplicity of the scenery with your love and connection being the focus, no distractions. I have allowed people to bring props in the past- it never fails that every time, the majority of the session is focused on getting every type of prop shot you want, and so little of what you actually hired me for. Neither of us is happy in the end. I would say we are not a good fit if you are wanting to include props! I do suggest a blanket for sitting on, and ladies a flat-brimmed hat is such a complimenting accessory adding personality and style to your photos if you're into that! 

Q: Can I have an outfit change?

A: I would suggest only bringing items that can easily be swapped out. Dad a different shirt, Mama a different dress or outfit, or simply a hat or cardigan that can be added and taken away. Truthfully, outfit changes take away time from the session and cause a bit of an extra rush to get to the next outfit in time. I feel that it takes away from the point of relaxing, getting comfortable, and allowing genuine connection to be the main goal of your session time! 

Q: Do you reschedule for cloudy days?

A: Living on Whidbey, you might know that the weather changes hourly, and most of the year is cloudy days. With that said, we definitely still shoot on cloudy days! I will reschedule for wind, rain, or any other harsh weather condition. (If you're down to shoot in light rain I will do that!)

Q: Can I have a mini session? I just need one photo.

A: My answer to this question is, no. I do not do mini sessions because It takes away from the purpose of how and why I take photos the way I do. I spend so much time before each session communicating with my clients about thoughtfully picked locations, the do's and dont's of clothing, offering to be as hands-on the styling as you want, having access to the client closet, and learning more about you. During the session, I take my time the entire hour to thoughtfully place each person and then give you prompts to create action and reaction. I spend time working on the kiddos and the family to make them comfortable and feel like it is a fun time of hanging with your loved ones and forgetting I am there (that doesn't always happen haha).

I do not feel that I could achieve this, or the end results in just 15 minutes.

There are so many other photographers that are willing to do this because their style is different from mine! 

To respond to the comment "I just need one photo", (as well as mini-session requests in general)- I have many clients and future clients that I need to keep my availability open for. To "take just one photo" or even do a mini session, would mean that I am using an entire day/time slot that I would either spend with my family (no money could buy that) or potentially use for a full paying client. I have to set boundaries here, and I hope you understand! 

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