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Jeff Vallejo Team

Jeff & Kara!

     Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to talk video stuff with me. I had a great time discussing and again hope either way that you guys take action and make videos! Below is my custom video quote for what we talked about. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

                      -Willie Shaw  


So here's what you get


2 Videos with 4 shorts
8 Short videos
Per Month 
3 Day Of Shooting
Music License
Video Editing
Creative ideas


10 Photos/ Month

High quality

Hand Edited 



*Are not real estate home photos 

(Photos are taken on our video shoot and can be used on social and as thumbnails for YouTube)

High Quality Content

Build Brand Awareness

Build loyal fans

Brick by brick

Have content that looks good

is informative

And brings Value to you and clients 

Free Time

We all want it. 

You get it. 

All jokes aside just get your free time back. 

You run your business 

I'll make the videos that bring people to you. 

Monthly Price


Willie Shaw Drone Shots-8.jpg
drone shot 2.jpg


Shaw Photography created an awesome commercial video for us! Not only did the video come out perfect, but they made filming it incredibly fun as well. 100% chance we will use their services again!

Willie Shaw Drone Shots-8.jpg

Team Kelli Lang

We love Shaw Photography! Our office has used Willie's video services several times now and we have been extremely pleased with the results every time! He is professional, but also very personable and great to work with. Can't recommend them enough!!

Shaw Photography (4 of 8).jpg

Brushworks NW

Special Thanks

to Willie Shaw of

Willie Shaw


Look him up folks!

Thank you Willie!

So there you go, guys! 
We have two options. 
1: We can stay where we are. 
2: We can take the leap of faith and together we can work had, have fun and make some 
awesome videos together. 

Have Questions?

I get it, and I'm here to help. 

We chatted about this briefly, but here is some quick Q&A specifically for you guys. 

What if we need more days?

We can figure that out, I'm ok with adding a day or two for the uniqueness of your business.

Who comes up with the video scripts?

You do, but I'll help you along the way while shooting. It's something that we'll learn how we communicate as we work together. 

What if we want youtube videos and shorts out of that youtube video?

You would be good to do this for our plan. 

What if I need to add a last-minute shoot for a client?

We will take this on a case by case. Life happens and I'll do my best to get there and create. 

What if I need a video the next day?

I charge a rush editing fee of $350 (The price may change depending on current work queue and life at that moment)

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