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Windermere Whidbey


     Thanks so much for taking the time to brainstorm video ideas with me. I had a great time discussing and hope you as I left feeling inspired to go create. Below is my custom video quote based on our conversation. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions/ concerns!

                      -Willie Shaw  


So here's what you get


8-10 Reel/ TikTok
Per Month 

Up to 3 Day Of Shooting
Music License
Video Editing
Creative ideas


Content Outline

The Content Strategy Will do the following

  • Define our Brand

  • Keep us aligned with our target audience

  •  Improve SEO

  • Save time

High Quality

Value Over the Competition

Build Brand Awareness

Have content that looks good and is Relavent

Free Time

We all want it. 

You get it. 

All jokes aside just get your free time back. 

You run your business 

I'll make the videos that bring people to you. 


Willie Shaw Drone Shots-8.jpg
drone shot 2.jpg

Ron Market Whistle

Shaw Photography created an awesome commercial video for us! Not only did the video come out perfect, but they made filming it incredibly fun as well. 100% chance we will use their services again!

Willie Shaw Drone Shots-8.jpg

Team Kelli Lang

We love Shaw Photography! Our office has used Willie's video services several times now and we have been extremely pleased with the results every time! He is professional, but also very personable and great to work with. Can't recommend them enough!!

Shaw Photography (4 of 8).jpg

Brushworks NW

Special Thanks

to Willie Shaw of

Willie Shaw


Look him up folks!

Thank you Willie!

Monthly Price

Have Questions?

I get it, and I'm here to help. 

We chatted about this briefly, but here is some quick Q&A specifically for you guys. 

What if we need more days?

We can figure that out, I'm ok with adding a day if we have a video we need to create giving enough time in advance. 

Who comes up with the video scripts?

That's what the content strategy is for. We don't script word for word, but we do have a plan and I'll help you along the way while shooting. It's something that we'll learn as we work together. 

What if we want youtube videos and shorts out of that youtube video?

These videos are optimized for all short-form video platforms. Youtube shorts, TikTok, Instagram reels, Facebook reels. You should have no issues uploading on these platforms. 

Who Uploads the videos?

You do but will discuss best practices in our content strategy. 

Can we do more videos a month?
We can! This would be an 
additional fee but is something we can definitely do.

What if I want photos?

Landscape, drone, and natural light candid photos are my jam.

If you're wanting a backdrop, flash lighting, and highly edited blemishes, I'm not the guy for that. 

How long is this for?

It's monthly with a min of a 2-month contract in the beginning. We have to have time to Film, edit, post, see how the audience responds, and adjust accordingly. This requires time and commitment. 

What if I want fewer Videos/ Month?

I can give you a custom quote for that as well, just let me know what you have in mind. 

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