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  • Kelsey Shaw

this is us;

This. is. us.

Nothing could have prepared me for this. No one could have described it enough. You could have told me over and over again, & it still wouldn't have settled in my brain the way it has now made a permanent home in every ounce of my being. You could not have made me understand this LOVE (the word love is cliche i know). This LOVE that is now so sweet i can taste it. Its tangible. I can hold it. Im telling of the love that comes from being blessed with a beautiful baby. A baby boy to be exact. Little Willie the third. When he was born, our lives also begun. A love I've never known.

Willie & i are somewhat of high school sweet hearts. Seven years of togetherness, & two years of marriage. We took on the world together. We prayed and we worked to create everything God & we would ever want for our future. In work, in a home, in life. Always something in progress. little did we know the best creation yet, would be this baby.

Apparently motherhood is kinda my thing. I always searched for a thing... but nothing ever felt as right as this. I could never put a finger on what my calling was. And if being a mother could be considered a calling, then i finally found it.

And fatherhood. Ive never seen it suit someone so well. I could faithfully watch the two of them stare at each other all day. You should see Willies face light up when he talks about our boy. How proud he is. The many "candid camera" videos i have on my cell phone of him singing and playing guitar for the baby. And come on, a dad baby-wearing is like the most attractive thing, is it not?

We could have searched for our passions forever, wander-lusted for eternity, and never found the fullness our hearts hold now since God blessed us with our little one.

Photography, travel, career, it all comes second to what we have now.

Now we just pursue these dreams together.

This is us & this is forever.

Thanks for reading

XOXO The Shaw Family.


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