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stormy skies, city vibes;

Hello portland.

Our original plan for our get away was to Air BNB in portland, but spend most of our time on the coast taking some major photographs & Introducing little willie to foggy beaches, upward jutting rocks in the ocean, & small town coastal coziness. But of course as most of you storm watchers know, we had a change in plans as the coast was and is getting the most of it. I mean, there was even a rare tornado in manzanita just 80 miles west of portland, & just below Cannon Beach. Good thing we are big time foodies and lovers of coffee shops with aesthetic.

So thats exactly what we did.

With an abundance of creative choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, & coffee we were set. Literally everything we ate would have been approved by Chef Ramsey. Willie had a coffee infused with smoke. The Smokey Robinson.. every sip was like sitting by a campfire. Strange, yet creative. Even more strange, i ate a peanut butter apricot jam fried egg & bacon sandwich on toasted olive bread. Thats a mouthful (it was). But it worked. Everything in between was just as magical. The shops, the tea rooms, anything you want within reach. But literally the best part of it all was the coziness back at our Air BNB just hanging in our pj's and snuggling our little guy. Who by the way, is totally down with everything we do. Coffee shops probably aren't normally a babies favorite place to hang, but our little willie was non stop smiles & making friends for us in every corner of portland.

Was it the coast? No. but we unexpectedly enjoyed ourselves around the city.

& we've made it back home in time for this Saturday storm were all waiting for to come & pass. >_<

So we snapped a few photos of our little trip, some are iphone. enjoy!

-Team Shaw

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