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  • Kelsey Shaw

Whats a photo session like? + Short video;

For those who wonder or anticipate what a photo session looks like, this is for you. One of the most repeated questions we get concerning a photo session (besides "What should i wear?") is "How should i stand?/Where should i look?/What should i do?".

Sometimes even i feel that way when i am on the other side of the camera!

When working with us, we try to keep the posing minimal. A balance of formal photos and natural photos is what we aim for, but the more natural the better!

We will direct where we need to, change positions however looks best, prompt you to do things, & try to make you as comfortable as possible. (Because it really can feel uncomfortable!)

If you can interact how you would normally, with those who are in your photos, these are the moments we are trying to capture.

We want the REAL you! If this means we follow you around with the camera while you do what you do best with your family or partner, we will!

We put together a short video of a recent engagement shoot. Side note: we don't normally do videos, this was just an opportunity to do a short clip to show you all a little something, in hopes it would ease your mind from the night-before-photoshoot-jitters! These clips were taken during the entire session, while the couple just did their thing! We were able to photograph them naturally almost the entire time, just helping out where it was needed. & if you checked out the last blog post, you will see the photos that were the end result. :)

Hope you enjoy the clip!

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