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  • Kelsey Shaw

Deck the Walls, With Artifact Uprising;

"Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible." -AU

A Photograph is...

A gift that gives forever. Am i right? Photos speak. They hold moments that allow the past to live on.

Photographs give life in such a unique way.

Personally i'm extremely fond of Printed images. I'm a huge fan of when my mom pulls out the old albums and i get to rummage through old pictures of my dad with the long rebel hair, and my mom in her high waisted pants. In fact, my mother can pull out books of photos that date back as far as the first of her family to settle in America from Holland to New Jersey. Now thats a gift.

To be able to hold the past in my hands and see a piece of it, is incredible. This is something i want my children and their children to have.

Christmas is RIGHT around the corner guys.

And I have a little Christmas gifting inspiration for you.

Those of us on Whidbey, we definitely are a little limited when it comes to gift shopping. So I'm all about being able to find a sincere gift, but within reach.

So here it is friends, Give the gift that keeps giving, and print your photos creatively for someone special.

Whether from your desktop or your phone, Artifact Uprising is a photograph friendly company and website based in Colorado, designed to bring creativity with a modern touch to your photos.

Pictured below is Artifact Uprisings stunning Brass Easel + Calendar and also their Instagram friendly photo frames. The Brass Easel + Calendar adds a modern touch to your home, and is reusable each year, when you recreate your photo calendar.

The instagram friendly frames are high quality, set behind mat and plexiglass. Best of all, you can connect directly to your instagram to fetch your photos when creating these frames!

How gorgeous, personalized and EASY a gift to give someone? Check out their website for more, from holiday cards & prints, to quality photo books and calendars.

FUN FACT & another reason to love this company..

What makes them stand out even more beyond their unique products? They use responsibly sourced materials.Now get this.... "Across our Rocky Mountains more than 4 million acres of pine trees have fallen due to a beetle epidemic. Trees that are seemingly viewed as a waste. Today we partner with local sawmills and the U.S. Forestry Department to bring this reclaimed beetle pine to your home."

Thanks for reading & happy holiday gifting!

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