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Torey, Ember & a couple of other lovely gals.


Torey had originally booked a session with us to take place in CA. Sickness took over the household the weekend of her shoot, so we arranged to do it here on Whidbey when her and her pretty little lady would be home in August. I think her session would have gone perfectly either way- in California or Washington.. but the most beautiful thing about it taking place here at home was that her momma and sister got to be a part of it too. AND EVERYBODY NEEDS TO HAVE A SESSION LIKE THIS. I can't even describe how awesome it was to see all the love surrounding this sweet little one unfold during this shoot. Ember thoroughly enjoyed herself & thought it was so fun running around with her momma, auntie & grandma. I came to the conclusion after this session, that most of all, I want our clients to feel like they had an experience. Not just a photo session. That they walk away from it with memories of the time they shared with their loved ones, laughing, running, snuggling up- being photographed was just a plus.

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