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This summer we took a ten day trip to San Diego for a little bit of sunshine, CA vibes, & to visit family. We wanted to see San Diego with new eyes. We wanted to see deeper than the fast paced, traffic-congested city areas. We planned this trip with intention, to visit the more historical & culturally rich areas that Southern California has to offer. We wanted bright & vibrant, cactuses & bougainvillea, Mexican tiles & palm trees, & early beachy mornings. We wanted fresh oranges, avocados, & rolled tacos from the nearest hole in the wall.

We took way too many photos, drank way too much coffee, tracked sand into everything, & we didn't sleep enough... but i'm so ok with that. We will be able to remember many details of this trip forever.

Most of the photos below are iPhone photos, cause traveling with a toddler & many activities on the agenda, it's just so much easier. & many of the photos are portraits we took of each other, cause when you're visiting a place with different scenery than you're used to & no subjects other than yourselves, you take self portraits! Enjoy!



outdoor shower
Communal Coffee
Balboa Park
Holy Matcha
Great Maple
San Juan Capistrano
Ellie's Table
Old Town San Diego
Better Buzzed Coffee
Moonlight Beach
By Chuy Photography

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