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All eyes on her

Finally blogging one of my favorite sessions of the summer, and looking back through these photos I am able to feel that pure new parent love for this brand new baby. Mom and dad just admiring the thing they are most proud of in the world. All eyes on her.

I loved that this sweet fam connected with us through Instagram and eventually made their way here from Oregon to be photographed in some Washington scenery. From the moment they stepped out of their car and Sarah was wearing the same cardigan as me, I knew it was meant to be! Ha! Also cool fact...little did Sarah know that when she decided they were coming to Whidbey, that Coupeville was home to where Practical Magic was filmed, her favorite childhood movie. Making this a bucket list trip! So cool.

But really what made this such a beautiful session for me to be a part of, was how their natural love together with their sweet babe reminded me so very much of when our first baby was born. It took me directly back to that precious time. And I was all here for it with my camera!

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