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Jordan + Keian

I remembered my love for photographing couples during this session. It is witnessing the natural love between two people that fills my heart!

I am the type of person that when I see two people embracing in the middle of a store, it blesses me. When an older couple is still holding hands, it blesses me. It is these measures of intentionally showing love through a simple physical connection that bless me.

Ok, I am sure you can guess my love language. (You aren't supposed to try to guess someones so I'll tell ya, Physical touch ha! Like hugs and kisses and hand-holding.)

Anyways, so why does it bless me so much to witness love in the form of connection?? Because this is my actual language of understanding LOVE.

And on top of that, to be able to make imagery that will last a lifetime, is pure joy for me.

Thank you Jordan and Keian for allowing me to hang out with you and photograph your love.

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