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Phase II & we're back at it.

I am so happy to be back to create with beautiful souls. That was quite some time without work. Being in the category of non-essential really makes you question what you do and why you do it. Like, if we're not essential to the world going round, what are we doing this for? I believed that lie for a minute... that what we do isn't important (essential..ehh, but hold on let me tell you why it is important!).

In the past year, I sought more and more after our purpose in this business. We used to create to create, and the Lord began to use this business to really provide for us once we let him take the lead. That in itself is a blessing.

But this can't be just about us. There has to be a purpose. A way to serve. I continued (and still do) to strive to find ways to make this more than about photos/images/ art...

We have this gift, and then we get this gift of precious time that people are setting aside to work with us. It dawned on me sometime last year that it was all about that time that we are given with people, to interact with, get to know... how will we spend it?

You are taking time out of a busy life to make these photos happen. You don't know how you will get your family to all be on the same page and not frown in photos. You just know that you deeply desire to have images on your wall that give you life when you look at them. That speak to your family of how proud you are to be called mom (or dad). Images that they will look back on and one day inherit. That is your job. To want photos to cherish.

My job is to handle with care, that precious time I spend with you. I desire for you- relaxation, a moment to breathe, close your eyes for a minute, and take in all that is your family. To foster connection, to laugh, and to snuggle. To have a family experience.

It is IMPORTANT to be refreshed and have time for these things! But where and when? Work, school, house cleaning. cooking. And then family connection. So it seems, right? So let's use this time while creating family photos, to relish in that so-needed connection.

I have learned a lot this last year about how to provide that during a session, as well as ways to provide more in communication before the session so that you can go into it feeling comfortable and at ease. We let you know exactly what to expect before, and what it is that we will be doing.

We have been building a client closet so that mamas and families have clothing options if they are feeling stuck, not finding a unique piece they are looking for, or simply so you do not have to go out of your way stressing or purchasing new clothing. We do provide a list of clothing suggestions to begin with, to help guide you through selecting and putting together a look. But we really wanted to provide more through a client closet. That client closet is available to you, clients! Here is where I will point out that every piece of clothing in this session below is a client closet piece!! Cool right??

Point is, we desire for this non-essential job of ours to be much more than creating, much more than taking photos. We are believing that every person we end up with in front of our camera is a precious gift that we need to handle with care. And we hope that we can pour into you during your session, that you may leave remembering an experience with your loved ones.

This session. Whew! This is my sister and her babies you guys! Aren't they gorgeous? Look how much these sweet girls adore their mama! It is my favorite to watch them all interact. I hope you enjoy these images.

Praying you are all well during this time. We are happy to be back!

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