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The last of sunset

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Ok, you would think this is an entire full-length session. Nope. It is the very end of the previous session I blogged!

The family changed into their second outfits (Which were styled by me and the client using client closet pieces and their own!) and as we began to shoot, the clouds broke, letting loose this glorious sunset that poured out over everything. I am 100 percent positive this family felt totally magical at that moment. Ha Ha. The sunset does something to people. It feels empowering and majestic. And it leaves you with nostalgic memories. It is always a blessing when something like this happens. If you are from Whidbey, you know that you never know if you will get sun or clouds! Don't get me wrong either- clouds have their own way of bestowing a mystical PNW beauty upon your photoshoot!

Anyways! Enjoy this sweet family and their family time during the last few moments of the sunset!

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