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Summer family time

Another favorite summer session!

First off, look at that baby! Working the camera.

I love when families can just relax and have so much fun together during a shoot. As a matter of fact, this is my biggest intention for your sessions. I want you and your family to take a break from all the busy in life, and really time out for some family bonding time. I want you to leave your session with full hearts and kiddos still giggling. I want this to be a place where you ditch the work and pressing matters somewhere else, where you can be present with the people you love, who love you back. I want you to feel so comfortable that you can be playful as a family and fill each other up. I want your session to be an experience together, and afterward have photographs to remember that sweet hour of family time.

I really enjoyed seeing exactly that, come to life during this session. And I have continued to do what I can, implementing all that I have learned along the way during my family sessions, so that you can relax and enjoy some sweet connection and interacting.

This session was styled by me and the client, using pieces from the client closet and their own closets! I love working with you on styling! I have pieces just for you and your family to help fill in the blanks or help inspire you!

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